Francesco Costa (1992, date to be assigned) – born to die, I live nonetheless.

I grew up in the solitude of the Dolomites and then migrated to Gorizia, where I participated in the local independent music scene and graduated in International Studies. I’ve been living in Belgium, Venice and France. There I joined the libertarian movement in Lyon and worked as a researcher for the anarchist poet and sociologist Mimmo Pucciarelli. I then discovered painting, boxing, and photography, first as a hobby and more recently as an actual project – following the creation of this website and some expos. In the meantime I graduated in Cultural Anthropology and went back to Venice, where I currently live.

Disturbing and unsettling fragments hide in the depth of things and bodies, when we perceive them we feel nostalgic about that something we cannot describe nor photograph, yet still we experience. This ungraspable brutality is what I’m after when I take a photograph or smear ink and colors on paper. This ungraspable brutality is what I fight against when I write poetry.

My poems have been published in various journals («Poetry Factory», «Il Visionario», «L’Altrove», «Asterorosso»,  «LaboratoriPoesia», «210A», «Atelier»), the piece L’infinito is part of the collection  Inno all’infinito edited by Bruno Mohorovich (2021, Ed. Bertoni) and some fictional short anthropological writings are being published by the magazine Il Cucchiaio nell’Orecchio.

Cipango (2020, Ed. Ensemble) has been my first published anthology, followed by La foresta dei cedri (2022, Ed. Ensemble), Castigo (2023, NullaDie) and the satirico-philosophical fiction Manuale di filosofia fantastica (2022, Link).